Narvi Steam Master

The stylish Steam Master is the perfect choice to create the authentic sauna atmosphere. Effective air circulation and a dozzle, which was created by Narvi, guarantee porous steam. You can enjoy the blaze of the fire through the glass door during your sauna experience.

The door of the dozzle is to be closed during your time in the sauna, so that the heat is stored effectively into the large stone compartment and also it will not dry the air in the sauna. The Steam Master will warm the sauna in as little as 1–1,5 hours.

The enamelled steel casing is good-looking, durable and easy to clean. The roof and the pipes are made of especially durable steel. The sauna heaters are equipped with adjustable legs, which make the installation easier. 

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  Steam Master
Capacity of the steam room 10–25m³
Measurements and weight  
Height 100cm
Width 47 cm
Depth 52 cm
Total weight / Amount of stones 216 kg / 100 kg
Connective flue’s outer diameter 119 mm
Connective flue from the lower corner of the floor 78 cm
Fire chamber cover 10 mm
Encasing enamel-lined
Safety distances  
To the sides 250 mm
In front 500 mm
Upwards 1100 mm
To the rear 250 mm

Installation and user manuals

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Narvi Steam Master

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