Installation bases

With the aid of installations bases, the sauna heater can be installed in a sauna that has a wooden or paved floor, under which there is under floor heating or water insulation. The height of all installation bases can be adjusted. In the case that the floor is slanted, the adjustable legs can be used in order to straighten the sauna heater. 

The installation bases have been made of rustproof steel. Measurements of the sauna heater determines the choice of installation base.




  Octagonal (height 7 - 10cm) Square 1 (height 7 - 9,5 cm) Square 2 (height 7 - 9,5cm) Square VS (height 7 - 9,5cm)
Measurements and weight        
Width 60 cm 55 cm 60 cm 75 cm
Depth 60 cm 62 cm 75 cm 55 cm

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