The Finnish sauna started its journey to the world from the village of Lappi.

The greatest people in Finland, among others our Presidents, have always enjoyed their sauna moment with the Aito AK-heater in Mäntyniemi. Likewise have the Finnish people in cities and towns had the opportunity for great sauna moments with their own Narvi heaters. Almost eighty years of sauna history contains many great turns and stories from the sauna.

Of the bigger sauna heater manufacturers, we are the only one designing and manufacturing all our products in Finland. Right now, we have around 70 employees. We grow by sticking to our plan and lately also by fusion: in 2010, we merged with Aito-Lämpö Oy.

The knowhow in the sauna culture and innovative production have helped us to reach the sauna people around the world. We are very proud of our enameled heaters that are extremely durable and easy to take care of. When these long lasting products get a hint of innovations, the results are rather impressive. For example the smoke channels of the Narvi NC make the heater the most eco-friendly in the world. VTT tests the heaters in Finland, and Narvi NC 16 scored 0.07 % in carbon monoxide emissions, when the minimum level is 1 %. 

At our factory, real people and sauna lovers are the ones developing and manufacturing our heaters. We are proud about every unit that leaves our place. We want to create enjoyable and well deserved moments for others – even in the next century.